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Name: Marie. I wish my name was Kira, though. I don't know why I was named Marie...
Age: 10. I wish I were older because teh old people get more rights. LITTLE PEOPLE RIGHTS!!
Gender: Female. I love every moment of it. I act more like a boy, though. ^_^
Sign: Libra. I sure don't ACT like it, neither do I ever believe my horoscope (or "horrorscope" as I have dubbed it).

Movies: I like I, Robot. That movie is awesome. I heart science fiction.
Bands: I enjoy Green Day and Good Charlotte, along with other alt rock bands. I also like Citizen Cope, who you probably have never heard of. But Citizen Cope is the awesome.
Song: Ummmm... "Throw it All Away" by... um, I dunno, but it came off of the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack. I like it a lot because it describes darker things. =D
Books: PCs for Dummies by Dan Gookin (... can't get this myself, either) and the Artemis Fowl series are so cool. ^^;
Video Game: Why, Sonic Adventure 2! I like the Tails levels, myself. But I hated when Shadow died. Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog. D=
Gaming platform: Nintendo DS, because it's just gaming. No DVD or CD media to confuse the matter,
Color: Blue! It's pretty and calming.
Topic of Discussion: I say dubbing anime, because I get to preach about the evil of 4kids. >=D
Thing to Collect: The Sonic X trading cards. Not that I'd play them, I'd just collect them because I LOVE SONIC!
Super hero: Look upward. Sonic the Hedgehog, because he's jsut so AWESOME! And he runs fast.
Juice: Apple juice. Orange is too tangy for me.
Foreign Food: Pizza. Mmmmm, cheese!
Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla and Orange Sherbert. Mixed. Sweet and simple, yet complicated.

-[What Do You Think Of...]-
Flowers? I think they are pretty with all the colors. They smell good, too. =)
Erections? ... Um, I'm not eighteen yet. Sorry.
Pink birds? OOH! Those are cool! I like flamingos.
Soulseek? Soulseek? Please explain. I do not know what that is.
Doctors? Ew... except the laid-back ones that the conversations go like this: "My ear hurts when I lay on it!" "Then don't lay on it!" They're funny.
Emo kids? I don't care about what you label yourself or act like, just don't do it to me. =)
My just using a label?! :0 Again, just don't label me and I am fine.

Junior/ Senior: Junior. The kiddies will rule tha world.
Crayons/ Markers: Markers! You can blend colors.
Black/ White: Black. So dark and pretty. Plus, it's Shadow the Hedgehog's color. Can't go wrong.
Sailor Moon/ Pokemon: Are we talking about subs here? If so, Pokemon. You really can't get better than Kojirou in a bikini, can you?
Purge/ Ulala: ... Again, please explain what these are.
DDR/ Space Channel 5: DDR. It's cooler in my opinion. Dunno why.
Rap/ Rock: Rock music! I do not want to hear about you pimping and slapping hoes, rappers kthx

True or False
I feel more comfortable with a strobe. True. Strobe lights are pretty. One guy had a red one on their _roof_ once. It was hilarious.
DDR is not dancing. FALSE! Yes, it is. Moving to a beat is dancing.
I have beat both Space Channel 5 games. False. Never played them, sorry. D=
In fact, I've beaten them both with a dance mat. Please look upward before you ask that.
I'm a doctor! False, sorry. I can't STAND the sight of blood.
And I'm a robot! False. But Jimmy might be XD (Sorry... you wouldn't get it.)
MS Paint battles are fun. TRUE/ I love MS Paint. Only Microsuck software I like.
I'm applying here because I lack confidence IRL! :D False, because I have friends.
Or because I'm an egomaniac!!!!11~~ False, because I'm not good at everything.
The mods are really cute, I want to be their best friend. Sure, true! =D I like being people's best friends.
I have no rhythm. False. I can dance... a bit.

-[Write 1 Paragraph About Your Favorite Topic Mentioned Above]-

Kojirou in a Bikini

I think Kojirou in a bikini is amusing. I think this because he is a boy, and it's an inflatable. Inflatable bikinis are funny on boys, yet very creepy. I like that combination. I also think it is odd, because boys usually don't wear bikinis. Crossdressers are weird, yet very amusing. Kojirou is a crossdresser, and that is funny to me.

-[Picture Time!-]

(These are done in Paint.)

Myself and my Room:

My Friends:

Favorite Outfit and Pose:

Advertisement Community: 00music_rocks00

Thank you for listening, if you do. And I can't turn off my userpicture, I don't know how, so I put a 100x100 blank space... sowweh.
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