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oh oh oh !

Name:amy / andy / amelia
Age: 19 kaj;djsa
Gender: i'm a lady
Sign: x........ on the dotted line?

Movies: pretty in pink, garden state, napoleon dynamite, little mermaid...
Bands: bloodbrothers, black eyes, the shins, circletakesthesquare, dcfc, the format, underoath, emery..etc
Song: the theme song from gilligans island tickles my fancy.
Books: perks of being a wallflower, better than running at night, tuesday's with morrie..etc
Video Game: zelda link to the past. i used to pretend i was link. in real life. stfu.
Gaming platform: super nintendo. because.
Color: green
Topic of Discussion: sex
Thing to Collect: macaroni picture frames and barbie stuff.
Super hero: tuxedo mask
Juice:grape juicyjuice or tropicana twister
Foreign Food: spaghetti. yeah it is too foreign.
Ice Cream Flavor: mint chocolate chip, only if it's green.

-[What Do You Think Of...]-
Flowers?: i feel bad if i step on them
Erections?: they make me laugh
Pink birds?: where!?
Soulseek?: uh..
Doctors?: = porn
Emo kids?: lets hug
My just using a label?! :0

Junior/ Senior: both of them
Crayons/ Markers: crayons ownzors
Black/ White: black
Sailor Moon/ Pokemon: sailor moon is a sex goddess !
Purge/ Ulala: ehhh..?
DDR/ Space Channel 5: ddr because i win.
Rap/ Rock: psh let's rodeo.

True or False
I feel more comfortable with a strobe.: deffinitely
DDR is not dancing.: liar
I have beat both Space Channel 5 games.: i pretend i have.
In fact, I've beaten them both with a dance mat.: duh
I'm a doctor!: last week i was.
And I'm a robot!: and i work the dance floor.
MS Paint battles are fun.: because i'm terrible at them.
I'm applying here because I lack confidence IRL! :D :noway dude
Or because I'm an egomaniac!!!!11~~ : nah i'm just awesome.
The mods are really cute, I want to be their best friend.: probablly.
I have no rhythm.: yeah you deffinitely don't. oops i missed.

-[Write 1 Paragraph About Your Favorite Topic Mentioned Above]-
I will own your face at DDR. Because i am that good. And not at all conceited. And dana is a really good drawer which sometimes makes me jealous thus me having a total lack of confidence. But remember. I will own your face at DDR. That is all.

-[Picture Time!-]

-2 Of You.

-1 Of your room! :0

-Some of your friends.

-Now dress yourself up in your favorite outfit.

-And strike a pose.
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