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i'll take you out!

cha cha cha!

Karazee emo kids who love to DaNcE!
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Anybody , Moderated

We judge applications on how well you answered them. They cannot be judged if you make them short, please elaborate. We expect at least a sentence for each answer.

"But, uh, how can I elaborate on my name?"
Who were you named after? Do you like your name? What do you wish it was?
Lie to us if you have to. Make yourself interesting. You are expected to spend time on this. Consider this a challenge.


Video Game:
Gaming platform:
Topic of Discussion:
Thing to Collect:
Super hero:
Foreign Food:
Ice Cream Flavor:

-[What Do You Think Of...]-
Pink birds?
Emo kids?
My just using a label?! :0

Junior/ Senior:
Crayons/ Markers:
Black/ White:
Sailor Moon/ Pokemon:
Purge/ Ulala:
DDR/ Space Channel 5:
Rap/ Rock:

True or False
I feel more comfortable with a strobe.
DDR is not dancing.
I have beat both Space Channel 5 games.
In fact, I've beaten them both with a dance mat.
I'm a doctor!
And I'm a robot!
MS Paint battles are fun.
I'm applying here because I lack confidence IRL! :D
Or because I'm an egomaniac!!!!11~~
The mods are really cute, I want to be their best friend.
I have no rhythm.

-[Write 1 Paragraph About Your Favorite Topic Mentioned Above]-

-[Picture Time!-]

Ahright, if you don't have a cam, just draw something for us that matches each catagory, mmmk?

-2 Of You.

-1 Of your room! :0

-Some of your friends.

-Now dress yourself up in your favorite outfit.

-And strike a pose.

Advertise us in an active community:

1. When you post, turn OFF your user picture.
2. Always post anything greater than 5 or 6 lines behind a cut.
3. We aren't just a rating community, talk about your favorite bands, moves, and go ahead and make how- to steps if it pleases you. Also discuss your favorite fashion. Anything, really.
5. We can take racial/ sexist jokes. We aren't pricks, nor are we 5 year olds with liberal parents. You are allowed to have your opinions, we aren't here to restrict them and tell you what's right and wrong.
6. If you are accepted, jesus, vote and promote!
7. When judging someone's application, don't judge them on opinion. It's based on how they fill out their apps. I don't want 4460830 clones wandering around. You're great, but not that great. ;]
8. Blah blah blah if we think people voted unfairly, we'll change the vote for you.
9. If you did not read the rules we will decline your application with a fat no.