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o_o MY APPLICATION. Yeah, thats right.


Name: Melanie, Sunnie, Sunface, Gaz, Soleil.
Age: I don't remember. 15.

Movies: Wes Anderson things. The Princess Bride. Ghost World. Garden State.
Bands: The Shins, Postal Service. At The Drive-In. The Blood Brothers. The Pillows. Le Tigre.
Song: Anyone Can Play Guitar - Radiohead
Books: Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo. H.P. Lovecraft things. Siddartha by Herman Hesse. Paradise Lost by John Milton.
Video Game: Zelda things. DDR.
Gaming platform: I have no idea.
Color: Chartreuse. Orange. Red.
Topic of Discussion: Communism.
Thing to Collect: Cloooothes. And Pocky.
Super hero: Does Haruko from FLCL count?
Juice: Orangina
Foreign Food: Pockypockypocky.
Ice Cream Flavor: :F Blue Raspberry.

-[What Do You Think Of...]-
Flowers? Sneezing.
Erections? Pants.
Pink birds? Shotguns.
Soulseek? You mom?
Doctors? Fear.
Emo kids? My kind of fools
 My just using a label?! :0 OMGZ000000000000000R.

Junior/ Senior: Juniors OWN.
Crayons/ Markers: my orange crayon is my best friend.
Black/ White: Gray is full of color.
 Sailor Moon/ Pokemon: Salor Moon is a sex godess.
 Purge/ Ulala: ULALA DDR/ Space Channel 5: I do not own t3h ddrz0r.

True or False
 I feel more comfortable with a strobe. YEAH I do.
 DDR is not dancing. Lies all lies.
 I have beat both Space Channel 5 games. HOW AM I TO DO THAT WITH NO CONSOLE.
 In fact, I've beaten them both with a dance mat. SEE ABOVE.
 I'm a doctor! So is your mom.
And I'm a robot! << Does the robot. >>
MS Paint battles are fun. Yeah they are.
 I'm applying here because I lack confidence IRL! :D I wear a paper bag over my head at school.
 Or because I'm an egomaniac!!!!11~~ I LOVE MYSELF.
The mods are really cute, I want to be their best friend. Danananananannanana I love. htmlKatie is my hero.
I have no rhythm. But I can dance like a mutha.

-[Write 1 Paragraph About Your Favorite Topic Mentioned Above]-
Communism is a term that can refer to one of several things: a certain social system, an ideology which supports that system, or a political movement that wishes to implement that system. As a social system, communism would be a type of egalitarian society with no state, no private property and no social classes. In communism, all property is owned by the community as a whole, and all people enjoy equal social and economic status. Perhaps the best known principle of a communist society is "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." As an ideology, the word communism is a synonym for Marxism and its various derivatives (most notably Marxism-Leninism). Among other things, Marxism proposes the materialist conception of history; there are four stages of economic development: slavery, feudalism, capitalism, and communism. These stages are advanced through a dialectical process, refining society as history progresses. This refinement is driven by class struggle. Communism is the final refinement as it will result in one class. As a political movement, communism is a branch of the broader socialist movement. The communist movement differentiates itself from other branches of the socialist movement through various things - such as, for example, the communists' desire to establish a communist system after the socialist one, and their commitment to revolutionary strategies for overthrowing capitalism.

 Ahright, if you don't have a cam, just draw something for us that matches each catagory, mmmk?

-2 Of You.
-1 Of your room! :0
 <--- Psh. yeah Right.
-Some of your friends.
 <--- That me and my Mollykinz. She took these pictures.
 <-- There we all are in the morings at MY ALL GIRLS COLLEGE PREPARATORY.
 <--- Ginsbach is t3h pwnz0r.
<---- This is a rare picture of the ELUSIVE Chibinator. She is a bitch when it comes to photos.
<-- Look. Its genna. Glaring at us. As usual.
 <---- My silly little Oertle.
 <--- That is a dollie that Mollykins did of my RonEoz.
-Now dress yourself up in your favorite outfit.
-And strike a pose.

My apologies cos I dunno how to shut off my User Picture.
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you are so cute yes. VOTE AND PROMOTE. >:0
ewwwwwww my silly cousin wants in

fuck yes
Topic of Discussion: Communism.

can we be bestfriends please.